Choosing the right curtain is easy

- May 10, 2019-

Solid color curtains can best highlight the taste and temperament of home decoration. When choosing a color, the following methods are available for everyone.

A color that is close to the color of the wall and can be a few degrees deeper. This collocation principle is basically suitable for all situations. The wall is the main color of the home. Compared with the main color, the color will be layered, and the curtain material will be properly selected, and the texture will be improved.

How to choose the curtains with patterns?

Of course, there are always people who like curtains with patterns. However, there are always patterns that are easy to cheesy. Here to introduce you to several color curtain selection guide.

1, simple geometric lines, or solid color base, the simpler the better. In the example below, the curtains echo the pattern of the pillow carpet.

2, striped curtains, stripe pattern is a classic design, there are two kinds of subdivision, one is three colors of the same color, the decoration is good, especially suitable for a single color room. For example, the following example.