Curtains make people happy

- May 06, 2019-

Curtains make people happy, and they are an indispensable part of our daily life. They are the expression of the master's taste and the elf of the living space. In short, take the time to choose a curtain, sometimes it is a good way to live an individual life.

Humans have had doors and windows since ancient times. As for the issue of origin, it is impossible to testify when human beings wear clothes. We can only use it slowly to explain the result of having windows and doors. The purpose is to facilitate and ventilate. Breathable, with the window there are some people who hope that sometimes people will not see the inside without affecting the world outside. Therefore, people think of something to cover the window, open it to open it, close it when it is closed, maybe this is the original curtain.

At first, people didn't have cloth or paper. They could only use leaves or grass fabrics as curtains. With the progress and development of human beings, people invented cloth. At this time, curtains are still a luxury for the people, and they can eat and wear. Warmth is the enjoyment of the big day. Only the royal family, the nobles and the wealthy and powerful people can use the silk fabric as the curtain to enjoy. At this time, there have been many bamboo and ceremonial curtains, but they have not become mainstream, and the style is not. many. Later, after China’s great inventor Cai Lun invented and improved papermaking, people found that using paper as a curtain is a good choice. It is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, and cheap. Most ordinary people use paper as curtains. It greatly promoted the development of curtains, so there was a paper-cutting art in China, and the art of paper-cutting on the curtains was also promoted and handed down.