Electric curtain three-point curtain principle

- May 16, 2019-

Electric curtains are closely related to home life. It has many functions such as adjusting light, shading, dustproof and heat insulation. Most consumers are not aware of the knowledge in the curtains. In this respect, professional designers have summarized the three-point selection principle based on years of experience in new home accessories: Pay attention to the functionality of the curtains. Electric curtains distributed in different spaces have different functions. The electric curtains in the hall are prominently decorated, and the curtains that reflect the elegant and generous style should be selected. The electric curtains in the bedroom are mainly practical, and should be shaded to ensure the privacy of the room. The electric curtains in the bathroom and kitchen should pay attention to the waterproof, oilproof and easy to clean materials. Use new materials to decorate your new home. If your living room style is traditionally decorated, electric curtains with heavy floral patterns are more suitable; if you are pursuing modern style, it is recommended that consumers choose light and elegant cotton and linen fabrics.