Electric curtains with color art

- May 17, 2019-

Curtains are the finishing touch of home decoration. If properly arranged, the room can be coordinated and unified to create a warm and romantic effect. As early as in ancient China, paper windows made of paper, and developed into today's curtain industry, not only fabric curtains, finished curtains, but also electric curtains, I believe everyone knows electric curtains. The color of the curtains is also very particular. In addition to its own fabrics and colors, it is also necessary to pay attention to the overall coordination and coordination with the living room. Only by harmoniously matching the surrounding walls and furniture can we create a warm and beautiful overall feeling.

1, Different rooms, different colors.

Different living room curtains can also choose different colors of curtains due to different functions. For example, the bedroom is comfortable and the curtains should be elegant and warm to ensure sleep comfort. The warm and cold colors can be selected according to personal preference; the curtains in the living room It can be matched according to the personality of the owner and the theme of the living room, or bright or elegant or warm, focusing on the theme and personality of the living room; the curtains of the study should be bright and easy to light, and the curtains of the elegant color can make people peaceful. Concentrate on learning and working.

2. Coordinate with walls and furniture.

If the wall is light yellow or yellow, the table and chair are purple or brown, then blue or golden curtains can be used to give a light and bright feeling; if the wall is light blue, the furniture is yellow and white. Then you can choose a light yellow transparent gauze curtain to give a warm feeling; if the wall is white or ivory, the table and chair are light yellow, you can use orange-red or blue-patterned curtains, and decorate the room with its bright color. . If there are more ornaments on the wall, you should use solid color curtains to avoid clutter.