Electric curtains you deserve

- May 20, 2019-

1. Easy to operate: Electric curtains only need to be toggled on the power switch, which can be directly operated by the remote control. It is an upgraded version of the manual curtains, but it is much more convenient than manual curtains.

2. High-quality materials: Electric roller blinds use the latest high-quality aluminum alloy materials, which have high strength, no deformation, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance, which are favored by many friends.

3. Quiet and reliable: The electric roller shutter window works like a normal curtain, quiet and noiseless, and its strength of bending and shearing makes it safer and more reliable.

4. Anti-ultraviolet: Electric curtains have been specially treated to resist UV rays, save energy and save space, beautify the environment, and be very beneficial in the office.

5. Heat preservation and heat removal: Electric curtains can effectively prevent the strong outdoor light, maintain a stable state for the indoor temperature, and is more suitable for work.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: Electric curtains can reach the appropriate temperature in the room through the adjustable shading, which can effectively reduce the heat load of the central air conditioner. In winter, it can absorb solar radiation energy and reduce the heating load, thus saving energy and reducing consumption. .

7. Beautification effect: The most worrying thing about using electric curtains in the home is its landscaping effect. Although it does not have the lightness of the bay window, there is no poetry and painting of the blinds, but it is simple and simple, and it is another kind of home beauty.