How much does it cost to install an electric curtain?

- May 23, 2019-

Modern decoration is more and more stressful. Curtains not only have fabrics, venetian blinds, etc., but now there is electric, so the products of electric curtains are good? How about the price? Let’s take a look at the price of electric curtains with Xiaobian.

Composition of electric curtains

The electric curtain machine consists of three parts:

First, the intelligent controller system that controls the opening and closing of the curtain.

Second, operate and set the wireless controller of the main controller.

Third, the actuator that pulls the curtain - the motor and the pulling mechanism. The main machine controls the positive and negative rotation of the motor, and the curtain is automatically closed or opened by the pulley.

It is also possible to make the infrared remote control directly open and close the curtain, and use the remote controller to set the automatic function of the main controller. Once the automatic control function is set and turned on, the main controller will automatically complete the control according to the setting function.

The main controller is a key part of this control system.

1. Safety: The driving equipment for electric curtains is equipped with reliable safety protection devices, which users can use with confidence.

2. Compatibility: The electric curtain system is equipped with manual, intelligent remote control buttons and remote control. When the curtain is fully opened or closed, the drive can stop working in time. The electric curtain system can be turned on and off manually when a power failure occurs.

3, applicability: electric curtains have a variety of different speeds of opening and closing, different occasions can choose different speeds.

4. Intelligent: The electric curtain system timing controller can perform multiple automatic opening and closing settings in advance within 24 hours. If you go out, the system will automatically turn on and off the electric curtains at the same time every day according to your habits to ensure safety.