How often does the curtain need to be washed?

- May 13, 2019-

First, the role of curtain fabric and the reasons for the low number of cleaning

The curtain cloth is closest to the vents, which can block the entry of external dust. The beautiful curtains will add to our decoration.

1. The curtain fabric is heavy and large in size. It is too heavy after the water is cleaned. It is very troublesome to clean. Drying is also a very serious problem.

2. The use of relatively fancy curtains, the fabric is not easy to clean, it is easy to deform after cleaning, such as lace, silk and other fabrics.

3. I can't quite see how dirty he is, plus time is tight, it won't be cleaned.

Second, how to clean the curtains.

1. Wipe the ash on the glass with a damp cloth every two weeks. When you are on the floor, pay special attention to the floor when cleaning the floor. It is easy to get wet and easily fade.

2. You can wash it directly with a washing machine, or you can get it in a special dry cleaner. If you wash it by hand, it may not be very clean. People will feel very tired. But don't put the curtains in the washing machine to dehydrate or dry, it is easy to cause the curtain to be deformed, so it is not good! After cleaning, dry it in a place exposed to light.

3. If there is a respiratory infection in the home, it is best to disinfect before cleaning to avoid infection.

How long does it take to clean the curtains?

According to relevant surveys, 60% of friends wash curtains every six months, but some friends only wash once a year or two, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause respiratory infections. If the material is almost the same, it may fade and affect the appearance. Therefore, it is recommended that you should clean it once every two months. At the latest, it is recommended that you clean it once every six months.