How to choose double curtains

- May 14, 2019-

1. Restaurant decoration I feel that a layer of gauze is enough, unless the restaurant may face particularly strong sunlight, then only need to choose a layer of curtain.

2, the study of the study of the study): According to the degree of sun exposure, a layer of curtains can be. What room needs double curtains?

That's in this room, you sometimes need some sunshine but don't want too much (gray curtain), sometimes you need absolute privacy (clothing).

3, some businesses will recommend you to make 3 layers of curtains: add a layer of blackout curtain inside your curtain with a blackout coating, this curtain is not very practical, in fact, add 2 layers on it, one layer Add a layer of yarn to the shading fabric (because the shading performance of the current shading fabric is very good, there is no need to spend another layer of money)

Double curtain selection skills

Double curtain

First, straight

This is the simplest thing. Even if you don't know the ordinary person can hang it in a short time, you only need a series of simple steps such as piercing, collar and so on.

Second, pleated

There are two different types of hanging methods in this way, that is, you can use a single layer or a double layer structure. The curtains are like layers of pleats. They look quite complicated, and the single layer can be used. It gives a vague feeling, a special beauty, and the double layer also has the function of reducing temperature and gas loss.

Double curtain selection skills

Third, the curtain hanging

The feature of this hanging method is that there are many decorations, and there are ornaments such as pendants on the side of the curtain. The whole curtain can be opened with a fan table, a W-letter shape, etc. according to different changes, and has a relatively complicated pattern style.

Fourth, the Roman curtain

This hanging method has a strong three-dimensional sense, looks more natural, and can be adjusted according to different seasons, but this complicated hanging method is also relatively expensive.

Five, decorative curtain curtains

This method is also relatively simple, no need to use the pulley, it is easy to pull the switch, but this hanging method is more suitable for small windows.