How to install blackout curtains!

- May 19, 2019-

1. Blackout curtain installation - determine the location

To install blackout curtains, first determine the location of the installation. The home decoration environment is different. According to the location to be installed, you should first draw the line positioning. Before positioning, you should make accurate position measurement, optimistic about the fixed hole distance, and record your own track size. The accuracy of the track directly determines the success of the installation of the blackout curtains, so you must do it carefully before the actual installation. Measurement work.

2. Blackout curtain installation - installation track

Blackout curtains are usually connected by rails, so the rails should be installed after determining the position. The track of the blackout curtain is divided into a single track, a double track, and a three track. Depending on the number of tracks, the items to be considered during installation are naturally different. It is best to measure the installation environment first, pay attention to the interval and distance, and ensure the connection effect of the track.