How to prevent curtain methanol problem during home decoration

- May 09, 2019-

1, smell odor. If the curtain fabric emits a pungent odor, it may indicate that there is more formaldehyde residue, so it is best not to buy it. 

2, pick flowers. When picking up the curtains, you should buy a light color, so the risk of formaldehyde exceeding the standard will be smaller. 

3. Look at the variety. Be cautious when purchasing curtains with anti-shrinkage and anti-wrinkle properties. Pay attention to whether the fabric label indicates the formaldehyde content. If it is not marked or the content exceeds the standard, it should not be purchased. In the process of textile production, in order to improve the wrinkle resistance of the fabric, improve the waterproof performance and pressure resistance of the textile, and improve the color fastness and improve the fireproof performance, some common additives such as artificial resin are usually added to the fabric. In the process of textile printing and finishing, it is necessary to add various dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agents, and the resin contained therein contains formaldehyde. These formaldehyde-containing resins will remain after finishing. In general, textiles with finishes and coatings have a high formaldehyde content. When the textile is exposed to the air for a long time, due to the volatility of formaldehyde, it will be continuously released and pollute the indoor environment.

4, canvas or linen curtains are not easy to dry after cleaning, therefore, it is not suitable to wash directly into the water, it is best to use a sponge to warm some water or soap solution, ammonia solution mixed liquid for smearing, to be dried and rolled up. 5. When cleaning the roller blinds, first pull down the dirty roller curtains, flatten them, and wipe them with a cloth. The center of the roller is usually empty. You can use a long stick and one end with the fluff to extend and keep turning. Will remove the dust.