Part of the curtain

- May 08, 2019-

Most customers who buy curtains think that buying curtains is to buy curtain fabrics. Is there any doubt? The curtain shop salesperson will tell you that the curtains include: curtain fabric (including yarn), lace, plumb bob, cloth tape, hook, track, Roman rod, track pulley, ball (tether), decorations, blackout cloth, roller blinds , vertical curtains, etc. Except for curtain fabrics, blackout fabrics, roller blinds, vertical blinds, and window sills, the rest are called "attachments" (friends who are familiar with computers will find this word very friendly).

Remember: the more "attachments" you have for any item, the more you get tired. It’s as if you are not only paying for your mobile phone, but also paying monthly fees, caller ID, SMS notification fee, MMS fee, etc. You will feel that the current call is very cheap, how can the pockets go down? The so-called "blunt knife cuts the meat does not feel pain" is to describe the customer.