The part that can't be ignored when choosing household electric curtains

- May 21, 2019-

Household electric curtains purchase

1, choose the motor

Good electric curtains can look at the motor of the curtain. The motor of the electric curtain can be divided into a tubular motor, a curtain motor, a blind motor, a roman shade motor and so on.

2, fabric

The choice of electric curtain fabrics is very knowledgeable. If you want to choose the lighting conditions, the sun fabric is the best choice. With the sun fabric, you can see the outdoors very clearly indoors, but you can't see the indoors outdoors; if the outdoor light is strong Need to block the sun, you can choose the full shading fabric with good shading performance, so that you can achieve the best shading effect.

3, accessories

The quality of the accessories for electric curtains should be good. If it is an electric roman blind, it is best to choose a ribbed reel, and the scrolling is smooth. There will be no left high right or low right or low left, which will affect the appearance; the ordinary drawstring will be suspended for a long time. And after sun and rain, it is easy to deform, embrittlement and break.

4, the production process

The manufacturing process of electric curtains will affect the practicability and aesthetics of the products. The details of the production process, the surface treatment process of the track, the cutting process of the fabric, the elasticity of the blade, and the processing of the blade incision can be seen from the details.

5, choose the brand

Electric curtains should choose a big brand, don't choose a brand with low visibility for the sake of cheap, so the quality is not guaranteed, and the after-sales service is not very good.

6, the choice of function

To choose a fully functional electric curtain, you need to have an expansion interface module that can execute system release commands.