The use and design of curtain fabrics?

- May 24, 2019-

The curtain fabric of the curtain training school is a kind of window screen, a layer of curtains and a window sill commonly used in the home. Curtain rails have curtain rails and curtain rods. Curtain rails are generally installed in the curtain box; the curtain rod itself is an ornament that can be used for surface mounting. Curtain fabrics mainly include printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics and sunshades. In the specific design and application of curtain fabrics, there are several commonly used techniques:

First, the vertical pattern curtains can make the room feel more. In the case of insufficient floor height, the room size is too large or the ceiling will give people a sense of oppression. The easiest way to make a dream curtain fabric brand is to choose a curtain with a strong vertical bar pattern, try not to make a curtain, and use plain color, simple and bright, to reduce the feeling of depression. In addition, a lifting curtain can also be used;

Second, the light and shiny fabric brightens the room. Rooms with poor natural light can be compensated by curtains. It is decorated with curtains with light colors, small patterns and shiny reflective fabrics. For example, cotton and silk fabric curtains, you can also use thin fabrics such as "gauze curtain", or choose slats and shutters according to the decoration style. Can play a brightening role;

Third, the light cool color fabric makes the small room look spacious. The dreamy sand curtain fabric brand light color, ochre can create a spacious, elegant visual effect, or with a clean, small shape, the effect is not bad;

Fourth, the curtains with horizontal stripes make the narrow room shorter. For rooms that are too narrow and too long, you can choose a horizontal straight line of curtains to make the room fatten. In addition, a fabric with a bold pattern can be installed at both ends of the narrow room, one end is a curtain with practical functions, and the other end is a decorative curtain, so that the back and forth echo can also produce the effect of shortening the distance.