What are the processes for making curtains?

- May 25, 2019-

Before making the curtains, it is necessary to determine the pattern of the impression. The materials of the curtains are: needles, threads, large sheets of white paper fuel, thin cards, unbleached tulle and pins, synthetic sponges, erasers and prior Selected impressions.

The size also makes the necessary process of curtains. The curtains are tailor-made for the window. The size of the window should be measured. According to the size of the window, leave some appropriate margin on the original foundation so that the bottom and sides of the window can be folded in half. Make a deeper curl on the top so that the curtains can be threaded. Fold the edges at the bottom and the sides, stitch them with pins, flat lines and dense lines, and make a deeper curl at the top. It will be placed on the fabric, and the pins will be placed on the four corners, and the fabric will be flipped over to mark the position where the pattern needs to be made.

The pattern and pattern of the curtain can be designed according to your own hobbies. After selecting the pattern, you can make it. Put a piece of wood or clean paper on the work surface to prevent the paint from falling into the panel and press it with one hand. When living on the fabric, when making the first pattern, press the stamp into the fabric and stick it for a few seconds. This action can be repeated several times until all the prints are completed according to the design requirements, and then It can be replenished by drying it or drying it.

After the pattern is made, the curtains should be sewn and cornered. After the completion of the pattern, the two pieces of cloth should be sewn with three needles with a fine needle. Insert the needle into the corner and wrap it in the town for seventeen times. You can pull out the needle thread and pull it closer to make it a tight ring. Remember to use a needle to seal it and you're done.