What kind of curtains is suitable for small units?

- May 12, 2019-

The colors, styles and materials of the curtains are various. Nowadays, the curtains are more popular, but for small windows, they are slightly bloated.

Therefore, first of all, because the size of the window itself is small, the size of the curtain should be relatively determined according to the size of the window.

Secondly, the window belongs to the vents and lighting points of the home, and the small windows reduce the lighting rate and ventilation rate of the whole space to a certain extent. Therefore, when the curtains are selected, the thickness of the curtains can be selected to be relatively thin, and the sunlight can enter the home through the curtains.

Finally, the color selection of the window is mainly based on personal preference and the decoration style of the home. The small curtains can choose a small fresh color, avoiding the strong color giving a heavy feeling.