About The Choice Of Living Room Curtains

- Jun 02, 2019-

The choice of warm-patterned curtains in the living room can give people a sense of hospitality. If they are decorated with mesh screens, they will enhance the artistic charm of the whole room. The curtains in the study are preferably neutral and cold, with light green, dark green and light blue being the crown of the colors. In the bedroom, the owner should choose smooth, quiet color curtains, such as light brown, brown-red furniture can be matched with beige, orange curtains, white furniture can be equipped with light coffee, light blue, beige curtains, making the room look elegant and not deserted, Warm and not tacky. In the restaurant, yellow and orange can increase appetite, while white has a clean feeling. Generally speaking, the color of the curtain should be close to the ground. For example, the ground is purple-red. The curtains can be pink or pink, which is similar to the color of the ground, but it can not be uniform. For example, the room is small, the floor is red, and the chestnut is used. Red curtains will make the room small. Therefore, when the contrast between the local surface and the furniture color is strong, the ground color can be selected as the center; when the ground color is weaker than the furniture color, the furniture color can be selected as the center; if the ground color and the furniture color are not used as reference objects It can also choose the color system according to the color of the light, the warm color of the orange color, can be matched with the cool color of rice white, fruit green, etc. The milky white neutral light system can be equipped with warm colors such as beige, light coffee and light red. .