Choosing Curtains Must Be Color

- Jun 03, 2019-

Choosing curtains requires color recognition and color. Yellow, gentle, quiet; green, nourishing, nourishing; red, festive, gorgeous; brown, calm, mature; purple and rose; secluded, luxurious; blue, long, deep; blue, quiet, wide. According to the characteristics of different living rooms, different "character" colors can be selected. Living room, warm curtains, warm and luxurious. The study is best green. In the bedroom, it is better to choose a balance color and a quiet color curtain. The restaurant is good with white, if you use yellow as the bottom. Decorated with white net buckles, it will add icing on the cake, and the light-facing north facing room is suitable for neutral cold colors and elegant mood. A brightly lit room in the morning sun, with red or yellow curtains, will adjust the glare to a soft astigmatism.