Curtain Accessories Aluminum Profiles

- Jun 01, 2019-

(1) The aluminum profile is visible on the surface of the fluorocarbon spray treatment, and the surface of the aluminum profile is subjected to extreme oxidation treatment.

(2) Select domestic high-quality high-precision aluminum profiles to meet the new GB5237-2000 standard.

(3) Main mechanical properties of profiles: Mechanical properties of 6063-T5 (LD31-RCS) profiles

A. Coiled tube: wall thickness > 1.0mm, diameter 38mm.

B. The overall mechanism is quiet during operation.

C. Compact structure, concise, easy to install. Various mounting accessories are sheet metal materials. Component materials implementation standards: GB5237.2-2000

D. The falling rod is made of painted 2.5cm flat aluminum sheet metal heavy rod to ensure that the fabric is flat and not warped when unfolded.