Curtain Cleaning Requirements

- Jun 12, 2019-

Ordinary households clean the curtains once a quarter, which can basically meet the health requirements of family members. The curtains need to be cleaned at least once every six months, which can make the curtains last longer. The friends who buy the screens know that after long-term use, the screens will become black and dark, which is mainly caused by the accumulation of dust. If not cleaned in time, let them be long-term. Adhered, exposed to humid air, and oxidized by sunlight, it will be found that the use of ordinary washing machines, laundry detergent has been "washed out", after washing is still black or gray. This is because the household washing machine has a small capacity and is washed with cold water of ordinary laundry liquid. The curtains can not be turned "open" or washed. The professional curtain washing mechanism uses a larger professional washing equipment than the ordinary dry cleaners, and uses the washing products developed by the gorgeous professional washing mechanism for the curtain stains. With the electric auxiliary heating function and warm water washing, the difference between before and after washing can be clearly compared. Finally, disinfection is carried out, and we are also a clean and healthy home.

As the season changes, every warm room should be replaced with new curtains. The old curtains should of course be cleaned and preserved. They can be reused in the next season. Different curtains have different cleaning methods.