Curtain Color Choice

- Jun 04, 2019-

The choice of curtain color is also focused on "coordination." The color and texture of the curtains must be coordinated with the furniture of the room, coordinated with the style of the interior decoration, and coordinated with the interior walls, floors and ceilings to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty. But don't forget, color matching is in harmony with your psychological feelings and color preferences. The color that gives people a bad feeling is: red and green; blue and orange; red and blue; yellow and purple. These inconsistencies are reflected in the color matching of curtains and floors, curtains and furniture, curtains and bedspreads. The wall and furniture are yellowish, and the color of the curtains is beige and apricot. This choice of color, although to achieve a harmonious overall beauty, but if you stay in such a color room for a long time, psychologically feel "halo", it is better to choose a light blue, green and other colors. Another example is the pale lake wall, using medium-green curtains, uniform color, but giving people a feeling of cold, with medium to light to warm colors, there is no such problem, but the color contrast should not be too large. The choice of curtain color and material should distinguish the different characteristics of the season. In summer, light, transparent and soft yarn or silk is used, light color is preferred, and breathable is cool; in winter, thick and fine flannel should be used, and the color is warm and heavy to highlight the thick and warm. In spring and autumn, thick ice silk, flower cloth, and silk are mainly used, and the color is suitable for medium color. The flower curtains are lively and bright, and all seasons are suitable.