Decoration Tips About Curtains

- Jun 05, 2019-

Curtain fabric is the main decoration in the living room. According to the degree of light transmission, it can be divided into three categories: light transmission, semi-light transmission and opacity. Light-transparent flowers such as plain flowers or jacquard screens, dignified and elegant, semi-transparent with a variety of gauze, polyester cotton, polyester cloth, light and rich, opaque cotton, velvet and velveteen, the former is simple, the latter two Luxurious and unique.

Choosing curtain fabrics should be considered in combination with room lighting, furnishings, space size, room color, personal hobbies and family economic conditions. In general, the fabric should be beautiful and practical, and the pattern color should not be too complicated. The living room is full of light, and it is a place where people's activities are concentrated. It is suitable to use light-transparent and patterned window screens. The bedroom usually requires quietness, the furniture color should not be too strong, and the light should not be too strong. Therefore, the curtain is preferably divided into two layers, the outer layer is made of light-transmissive screens, and the inner layer is made of semi-transparent or opaque fabric. In this way, in the early morning and evening, only the outer window screens are used to make the whole bedroom look soft and comfortable. When the sleep falls, the blackout curtains can make people rest in a quiet environment.

In order to make the curtains function to shut off and block the light, the curtain fabric should cover all the windows. When purchasing, first measure the size of the window. There should be some room for the upper and lower left and right, so that the curtain cloth exceeds the length of the window. And wide.

The curtain track used in conjunction with the curtain fabric has a simple bracket type, a rail type, a profiled section type, and the like. The simple bracket is simple in structure and cheap in price, but the curtain cloth is supported by lead wire or rope, which is easy to sink, the drawstring and the loop are exposed, and it is also unsightly; the rail-type window rail made of aluminum alloy is equipped with two sets of pulleys, and the sliding property is good. However, when many wheels are in contact with each other, they generate reverse resistance, which makes the resistance and noise increase. And the price is expensive, you need to add a wooden box decoration.