Fabric Treatment Of Fabric Curtains

- Jun 13, 2019-

Before we wash the curtains, we should first deal with them according to the style of the curtains. Generally, the curtains are divided into hook type and perforated type according to the hanging method. The hook curtains of general materials can be put out by taking the curtain hooks out of the cloth belt. Washed in the washing machine.

For the perforated curtains, it is best to take the circle off. The circle is the opposite of the mother and the child. As long as it is opened from the middle, it can be washed and dried before putting them on. Our sister Li is not taking the circle down, and the curtain cloth is damaged when the curtain is machine washed.

Because the loop is a hard material, it is easy to damage the curtain fabric and the curtain fabric during high-speed operation during machine washing. So everyone should pay special attention when washing the perforated curtains.

It is best not to dehydrate and dry the curtains after washing. Do not expose them to sunlight. They should be air-dried. Avoid destroying the texture and color of the curtains.