Shower Curtain Structure And Materials

- May 26, 2019-

Shower curtains in general

It is divided into three parts: curtain body, shower curtain rod and hook. There are also shower curtains that use a pattern that hangs directly from the ceiling, but this is not common.

Shower curtain rods come in a variety of materials, including wood, bamboo, plastic or alloy materials. The shower curtain rods are generally installed at different positions depending on the position and shape of the shower area, and the shapes are also different. The most common straight-type shower curtain rods are usually fixed to the opposite walls of the bathroom; semi-circular or semi-curved shower curtain rods are often used in shower areas for larger bathrooms.

In addition to traditional plastics and cloth, the new materials commonly used in today's curtains include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), environmentally friendly materials PEVA, wood curtains, bamboo curtains, nylon, pongee, satin, satin noodles. Silk, thick oxford, etc. And depending on the style of the bathroom, there are different designs and designs.

The most common materials for hooks are plastics and alloys.

The main products of shower curtain are:

Premium waterproof shower curtain (POLYESTER).

The shower curtain is made of Taiwan imported tarpaulin. After special coating and anti-corrosion treatment, it adopts all-plastic corns with PE lining. The lower end of the shower curtain is equipped with heavy lead strips, which makes the shower curtain more flat and has a sense of falling. Workmanship and materials are in the leading position in the domestic shower curtain industry. They are widely used by major domestic star hotels and exported to overseas markets such as North America.